Patents Filed / Awarded:

1. Indian Patent No. 257942 (1373/ KOL/2006)
2. WO /2009/ 147685A1
3. 1431/KOL/2008
4. 1569/Mumb/2010
5. 1570/Mumb/2010
6. 1571/Mumb/2010
7. WO/2011/145101
8. WO/2011/145105
9. WO/2011/145106
10. US-2011-02836053
11. AP/P/006601 (ARIPO)


Filaeli : Herbal Drug for elimination of Filariasis

Prof. P. Das developed a herbal drug for elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis through long years of R&D work. The drug has been tested to be non toxic and safe as revealed by pharmacological and clinical studies.  Histopathological investigations did not show any damage to tissues of vital organs such as, liver, kidney, spleen, lung, heart, duodenum and brain in both male and female adult AWR. Clinical studies involving human volunteers suffering from lymphatic filariasis (LF) showed alleviation in sufferings from fever, pain, lymphadenitis with reduction in swellings of limbs. Case studies on 10 human volunteers in both sexes revealed that there was complete elimination of LF, showing progressive reduction of antigenemia to negative values through Enzyme-Linked Immuno-sorbent Assay ELISA) using Og4C3(Das et al, 2015). More than 500 patients from different districts in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Kerala were treated with positive results and cure.

Three Patents including one National (1569/Mumb /2010A), one International (WO 2011/145105 A3) and one in ARIPO Countries (17 Countries in Africa) were filed on this invention.

Product 1 , Filaeli, Drug against Filariasis

Video of Herbal Drug for elimination of Filariasis

Bioadditive-I : BioFuel / BioDiesel

Seed oil of Argemone mexicana was used for production of biodiesel. The crude oil was detoxified and transesterified for use as bioadditive to petroleum diesel. The process of extraction of oil from seed of A. mexicana and its modification to Bioadditive-I is simple and economical. Use of bioaddtitive-I (10 BD and 20 BD) in petroleum diesel as reduced fuel consumption, improved engine efficiency and reduced air and noise pollution as compared to neat petroleum diesel; reduced exhaust temperature might enhance engine life.

Three Patents (1571/Mumb/2010, WO/2011/145101 A1 and US-2011-0283605) were filed on this invention.


Video of  BioFuel / BioDiesel

Bioadditive-II: BioFuel/ BioDiesel

Crude oil of Olax scandens was used for production of biodiesel as an alternative/  renewable source of fuel.  Olax scandens, a widely distributed perennial  and scandent shrub of the family Olacaceae, was identified as a promising source of seed oil for biodiesel production for the regular bearing habit and high productive potential even on marginal lands; the fermented pulp yielded ethanol for blending with petrol. The crude Olax oil was modified through several steps of degumming, esterification and transesterification with favourable free fatty acid composition and viscosity. The transesterified Olax oil (bioadditive-II) when used with petroleum diesel reduced fuel consumption, improved diesel engine efficiency and reduced pollution level as compared to neat petroleum diesel; ethanol from the pulp was added to petrol to save 10% import. Thus Olax found as a renewable source of energy with immense potential.
Two Patents (1570/Mumb/2010 and WO/2011/145106) were filed on this invention.



Bioethanol (23%) from fermented pulp of Olax scandens was reported. Olax scandens was identified as a novel and rich source of Biofuels (Biodiesel and Bioethanol).


Technology Developed

Evacuation of rainwater from lower to higher reach without engaging any energy, electricity or petroleum products was accomplished taking advantage of the drag force of the flowing stream. This technology can be used to evacuate water from submerged areas without using pump and motors, saving huge cost on energy and installations.

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Varieties Evolved

1. Cactus and succulents (85 cultivars)
2. Musa acuminata cv. Mallika (Banana)
3. Bougainvillea cv. Odisee


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